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RaidenHTTPD web server feature list

Web server software - RaidenHTTPD is a fully featured web server software for Windows platform. It's designed for ANYONE, whether amateur or expert, who wants to have a web site running within minutes.



easy to use web server gui

  GUI admin. interface

Be nice to yourself! You don't have to learn the complicated *httpd.conf. RaidenHTTPD takes care the headache for you with the easy-to-use web and GUI based administration tools. You can control and manipulate your web site in a breeze without memorizing any command!

*A famous web server's text cofiguration file which is hard for newbies .

static pages and cgi

  Static web pages and CGI

RaidenHTTPD not only takes care of the basic web server software function of Displaying static pages, but RaidenHTTPD also supports PERL/PYTHON via CGI interface.

*ActivePerl/Python is recommended.

php support isapi

  Dynamic web pages

With RaidenHTTPD's ability to fully support PHP scripting language, you are ready to implement your web server without any annoying setup steps(ISAPI dll preconfigured).

*Try it on other web servers, the installation is pretty complex.

http authentication
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  HTTP authentication

Powerful built-in HTTP authentication support along with the exclusive built-in GUI user & group administration tools, you can easily and effortlessly manage your user and group accounts. The users database is stored in an access file (*.mdb), so that you can even write your own program to add/remove users if necessary!

anti referral
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  Anti referral linking

RaidenHTTPD requires users to visit your website with certain eligible credential for file access. And yet, RaidenHTTPD is able to prevent other web sites from making any unuthorized link to your valuable resources such as files and documents. The implementations of these two goodies require NO programming skills at all!

It even has ability to compose watermark on refered image files in realtime, in another word Your images files look the same if they are linked by your web site, but they are watermarked if they are linked by unauthorized hosts.

ssl and tls security

  SSL/TLS security

Since RaidenHTTPD is optimized for establishing secured web hosting, users can securely connect to your web server via https:// protocol. Thus, leakages to both privacy and confidantiality are absolutely shut.

*Only available in Pro/Commercial licenses.

live update

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  Live update

RaidenHTTPD implements an on-line live update function that, with a few clicks away, enables you to update your server software to the latest patch or version without any compromise to any possible security breach that may jeopardize your valuable web server.

music and photo album

  Music/Photo Album directory browsing

Build your own music server! As long as you have both internet explorer and windows media player wherever you go, you can enjoy or share music via the RaidenHTTPD Music Album directory browsing service.

With the built in PhotoAlbum feature, you can browse your pictures easily, You can browse your images without making a html in advance.

homepage for everyone
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  User's personal homepage storage

Just like the Unix systems, RaidenHTTPD allows each user on a Windows-based operating system to create his or her own homepage folder. Visitors can simply type URL such as "http://host/~username/" to access his or her homepage.

*Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only

upnp nat traversal world 1st in web server area
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  UPnP NAT Traversal & WinXP ICF/ICS automatic configuration

RaidenHTTPD automatically configures your UPnP router and WindowsXP ICS/ICF for any necessary port mapping entries, which are usually port 80 and 443.

*Windows XP only

web page compression
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  On the fly web page compression
For web masters on ADSL/Cable Modem line connections , the on-the-fly web page compression mechanism helps to cut off 70% or even up to 80% of the original web page size. Hence, users will be able to save a great amount of the precious bandwidth and time.
high performance   High performance kernel
Based on the experiences from RaidenFTPD/ RaidenMAILD/ RaidenDNSD, Raiden's R&D crews have written a solid httpd kernel with multi-threading capability from ground up.
very fast web server   Small and fast
RaidenHTTPD is designed along an architecture of efficiency on the computing power consumption. The utilization of both CPU time & memory usage is always dynamically optimized so that even a good-old-day Pentium-II system in your garage can run as a server smoothly.

screen shot 1

  Virtual host and Virtual File System

You can host multiple web sites with respectively different domain names on a single RaidenHTTPD web server. For example: www.xxx.com and www.ooo.com can both be concurrently running on one RaidenHTTPD server with one single IP address.

Now it also supports VirtualHost bandwidth restriction, You can setup weekly/monthly allotment for incoming or outgoing traffic, You can even set an expiration date for each VirtualHost.

To prevent any possible security flaws due to the exposure of your physical disk structure on your web server, RaidenHTTPD web server can easily hide the physical disk structure and only show the appropriately assigned virtual directory structures to the visitors.

*Supports IDN virtual host name

anti hacking web server

  Virues filter and anti hacking
RaidenHTTPD is equipped with a built-in anti-hacking codes and virus filters to block common internet HTTP based attacks either from hackers or virus.

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