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 ¡÷ CHECK !!  ¡G ¤F¸Ñ RaidenHTTPD Webadmin ( ºô­¶ºÞ²z¤¶­± )

      RaidenHTTPD has both GUI and web-admin interfaces. You may remote control your RaidenHTTPD via web browser, such as internet explorer. An introduction for the GUI interface is as following:

      Login window: You need to login before you can use RaidenHTTPD web-admin.


      Tip of the day: Once you log in, you can start to use RaidenHTTPD web-admin. You will see some tips in the web-admin main page.

Welcome !!
This page will show some useful tips with pop-up window.
If you have already been familiar with the 'Tip of the Day', then you may start with [ menu icon ] at the top. Enjoy it . :)

Wanna see the tips again?
You may [ reload ] or by pressing [ F5 ] this page.

      By clicking on the icon, you may use the first feature 'virues/hacking codes editor'. You may edit the RaidenHTTPD.ban file via this web-admin and add HTTP virues/hacking patterns here so that RaidenHTTPD will drop these packets directly to save your bandwidth.


ex : /msadc/root.exe     /*virues codes*/

      By clicking on the icon, you may edit the RaidenHTTPD.vfs file, which is the virtual file system definition file for your web site.


The real path in your physical disk (ex: c:\download)
The virtual path that is used in web site (ex: /download)
Define the owner user of this path
Define the owner group of this path

      By clicking on the icon, you may modify some basic server options.


Basic settings including the service port you wish to bind to.
Basic SSL settings including the SSL service port you wish to bind to.
You may change the php processor path here.

/*Default setting*/
The port that RaidenHTTPD will bind to.
The pidfile is used for storing RaidenHTTPD process id.
The RaidenHTTPD default user id.
The RaidenHTTPD default group id.
The RaidenHTTPD administrator's e-mail address.
The max amount of allowed keep alive requests.
The default amout of startup threads that is created by RaidenHTTPD.
The max amount of threads that RaidenHTTPD will use.

      By clicking the icon, you can setup some PHP options.


Normal Mode
Only some important PHP options are listed here for you to edit.
Advance Mode
The whole php.ini file is shown here for advanced users.

      By clicking the icon, you can setup IP checking.


IP allow
Add the allowed IP addresses here.
IP deny
Add the denied IP addresses here.

/*IP format 1: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx*/
/*IP format 2: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-xxx*/
/*IP format 3: xxx.xxx */
/*IP format 4: * to allow all*/
/*IP format 5: !* to deny all*/

      The icon allows you to setup RaidenHTTPD web-admin password.


      Finally, don't you forget to logout!

Logout, the Tiger Face, see you next time and have a good day!

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