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 TOPIC !! What is Web server (HTTPD) and why do you need your own Web server?

Web server is a software that can present your html documents, images and even multimedia files to the internet visitors via HTTP protocol, and it's almost the most common type of server software on the internet. Internet visitors usually use web browser software (such as internet explorer) to connect to your web server and then they can browse for the contents you prepared for them.

Imaging that you want to have your own forum site, portal site, music site or even photo graphic site, how can you make it? Running a web server can make all of these to come true easily. Anyone who doesn't have a web site is just like someone who doesn't own a house, people can not know where to reach you. A company without a web site on the internet is even simply not acceptable. Now we know that everyone needs a web site for himself, but how? Traditionally people usually rent a web space from ISPs. Nowadays, almost everyone has cable modem,ADSL/xDSL or even FTTH (optical connections) and these internet connections are fast enough to run a web server at home or at your own workplace.

With RaidenHTTPD, creating and running a professional web site is no longer a problem! Grab a copy of RaidenHTTPD and have your server setup and go just within a few minutes!

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 TOPIC !! RaidenHTTPD features

HTTP 1.0/ 1.1 support

Easy-to-use GUI and WEB administration interface : Configure your web server from wherever you are - either local or remote location!

Built-in supports CGI&PHP

SSL/TLS security : Making sure that your important data is transferred securely

Web page compression : On-the-fly smart html page compression using GZIP, supported by Internet Explorer

Virtual host : Running different web sites for different domains on the same IP address

Virues filter & anti-hacking : Drop bad requests directly by the web server

IP restriction : Defines the IP addresses from which users can access your web server

Using high-performance multi-threads kernel

Virtual file system : Defining virtual file system structures for different virtual hosts

plus many other fantastic features, please see features page

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 TOPIC !! Comparison

advantages over APXCH

features RaidenHTTPD APXCH
Graphical user interface

Yes, both GUI and Web administration.

No, requiring a text editor to edit the configuration manually, and programming experience recommended for smooth administration

multi-threading Yes, it's completely native Win32 multi-threading program
Only in 2.x series
easy installation Many popular features are all included in the suite for easy installation Certain features are not built-in and require manual installation, which may not be easy.

RaidenHTTPD's advantages over IXS

features RaidenHTTPD IXS
Price Less than 1/10 of IXS price Very expensive and has license for connection limitation only up to the number of licenses you paid for.
Security Built-in URL filtering technology and anti-hacking techniques
Having many security breaches that offer auto attacking trojans good opportunities to attack your web server.

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