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CHECK !! : Installing Movable Type

Movable Type is Six Apart's powerful, customizable publishing system which installs on web servers to enable individuals or organizations to manage and update weblogs, journals, and frequently-updated website content. Movable Type is widely recognized as the premiere choice for power users of weblogs, as well as organizations interested in nanopublishing, intranet knowledge management, and marketing or communications through weblogs. Movable Type's engine also powers the TypePad weblog service, where you can simply sign up and start a full-featured weblog in minutes.

1. Download latest Movable Type from http://www.movabletype.org/.

Primary download page: http://www.movabletype.org/download.shtml

We recommend you to download the ZIP-packaged version of the FULL VERSION with LIBRARY.

2. Un-zip the package to a dir under your web document root directory.

For example, if your web document root directory is c:\inetpub, then make a sub directory called 'mt' such as c:\inetpub\mt , and extract the zip file you just downloaded to that folder.

3. Preparing for the run-time environment

[ready] web server : The latest version of RaidenHTTPD.

[required] perl processor : You need to install ActivePerl, included in this tutorial.

[required] mysql : The mysql is not included in RaidenHTTPD; you need to manually install it.

4. Open mt.cfg with a text editor and edit the following values (Red fonts are sample values. DO NOT COPY. Set your own values).

CGIPath http://localhost/mt/

DataSource c:/inetpub/mt/db

MailTransfer smtp

SMTPServer yoursmtphost.here

NoTempFiles 1

TempDir c:/temp

NoHTMLEntities 1

At the end of mt.cfg, you MUST append the following lines because they are not present by default.

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database mtype
DBUser root
DBHost localhost

You also need to create a database for mt to use. Let us call it mtype.

You may start c:/mysql/bin/mysql.exe with the following steps:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Mysql\bin>mysql -u root
Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 4 to server version: 3.23.58-max-nt

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

mysql> create database mtype;

Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)


Note: Your mysql password is not saved in this file. Therefore, you should edit mt-db-pass.cgi and place your password in the first line of the file. If your password is empty, simply make it an empty file.


4. Open an instance of Internet Explorer

In the address bar, enter this url:


If you see the following text at the end of the page, your mt.cfg is correct and your perl is ready.

Your server has all of the required modules installed; you do not need to perform any additional module installations. Continue with the installation instructions.

Then, run 'http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/mt/mt-load.cgi' and you should get the following result. Now, delete mt-load.cgi.

Loading initial data into system...

Loading database schema...

Loading weblog...

Loading author...

Loading permissions...

Loading templates...

Mapping templates to blog archive types... Mapping template ID '12' to 'Daily' Mapping template ID '12' to 'Weekly' Mapping template ID '12' to 'Monthly' Mapping template ID '13' to 'Category' Mapping template ID '14' to 'Individual' Done loading initial data! All went well. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that you have run mt-load.cgi, you will never need to run it again. You should now delete mt-load.cgi from your webserver. FAILURE TO DELETE mt-load.cgi INTRODUCES A MAJOR SECURITY RISK.

Now, run 'http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/mt/mt.cgi' and you should see the login screen.

The default username and password for the first login is Melody/Nelson.

Click 'Edit your profile'. Edit the password for default user Melody for security reason.

Now you may start to use your movable type software.

CHECK !! : resources

MovableType official web site http://www.movabletype.org/

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