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About RaidenHTTPD security



Even Microsoft, the most famous and the largest corporation on this planet, dare to guarantee their software products to be flawless, so does RaidenHTTPD team.

However, we not only care about the quality of our own products, but would also like to protect our royal customers' rights and interests THE MOST. Therefore, we guarantee that, upon the time of receiving security alert log from our customer, we will carefully examine each log within 24 hours and we will make any possible fix within 48 hours in order to protect our customer in a timely fashion.



Known Issues and Fixed vulnerabilities in RaidenHTTPD

JPCERT#91152037 RaidenHTTPD 2.0.19 cross site scripting vulnerability fixed 2.0.22

raidenhttpd-ulang-command-execution (39088) fixed 2.0.22

RaidenHTTPD/2.0.13 cross site scripting vulnerability (JVN#90438169) fixed in 2.0.14

RaidenHTTPD/1.1.49 remote commands execution exploit (raiden-admin script bug) fixed in 2.0.2

RaidenHTTPD [SECUNIA] Source Code Disclosure Vulnerability fixed in 1.1.48

RaidenHTTPD Buffer Overflow and PHP Source Code Disclosure fixed in 1.1.34

Directory traversal in RaidenHTTPD 1.1.27 fixed in 1.1.31


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