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How to turn off UAC under Windows Vista
CHECK !! : Turn off UAC under Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the latest generation of consumer operating system from the Microsoft, and of course RaidenHTTPD has to work properly on it.

RaidenHTTPD is compatible with Windows Vista, however You will have to make a slight change of system setting on the Windows Vista operating system.

What if You don't turn off UAC

RaidenHTTPD is unable to write in the program files\raidenhttpd application folder, hence you will see the following error when you launch RaidenAdmin.exe

Error dialog box when You start RaidenHTTPD on Windows Vista without turnning off UAC

How to turn off UAC on Windows Vista

Step 1: goto control panel and click User Accounts and Family Safety

turn off UAC VISTA

Step 2: click User Accounts

turn off UAC

Step 3: Click Turn User Account Control on or off

Step 4: Uncheck the check box of Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer

Step 5: reboot your PC and now you can use RaidenHTTPD on Windows Vista Happily.


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