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CHECK !! : Virtual Host Bandwidth restriction (similar to mod_bandwidth for apache)

The virtual host bandwidth restriciton feature allows You to restrict the incoming or outgoing traffic allowed for each virtual host in a weekly or monthly basis.

Requirement: RaidenHTTPD v2.0.10 or above

How to setup: Open RaidenAdmin->Configuration...->VirtualHOST options

In here You can find out that there are 3 kinds of restrictions, out checkbox is for outgoing traffic, in checkbox is for incoming traffic, in+out is for bidirectional traffic.

Check the checkbox for the traffic You want to restric, and input a MB value of traffic allowed, and the click on the weekly or monthly radio button.

If a client (Internet explorer) access a virtualhost which has exceeded the traffic limit, the following page will be displayed on the browser:

This is the default page for this feature, however it is possible to customize this page. You can edit the following pages in order to change the look and feel of this page:

[RaidenHTTPD_Install_Path]\htdocs\raiden-custom-pages\over_bw_limit_out.php (the page displayed when outgoing traffic restriction is reached)

[RaidenHTTPD_Install_Path]\htdocs\raiden-custom-pages\over_bw_limit_in.php (the page displayed when incoming traffic restriction is reached)

[RaidenHTTPD_Install_Path]\htdocs\raiden-custom-pages\over_bw_limit_inout.php (the page displayed when bidirectional traffic restriction is reached)

Statistic data location and format:

Default virtualhost traffic statistic data file:


Traffic statistic data file each virtualhost:


Desciption for this data file: this file records the weekly and monthly traffic usage, it is updated every 30 seconds, You can access to this file by external programs, if You update it, the RaidenHTTPD will also reload this file automatically.

[MNIN] the incoming traffic (bytes) during a month
[MNOU] the outgoing traffic (bytes) during a month
[WKIN] the incoming traffic (bytes) during a week
[WKOU] the outgoing traffic (bytes) during a week

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