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 TOPIC !! Applying Your license key

RaidenHTTPD is a shareware, that means You can try our software before You buy it, however not all features are available in the trial version. In order to use full features of RaidenHTTPD, you need to register. see: purchasing page

After you order the RaidenHTTPD, we'll need you to send us your COMPUTERNAME/MACHINE ID for registration key generation.


1. copy and paste it from RaidenHTTPD error log file, usually at : C:/Program Files/Raidenhttpd/logs/error*.log.

2. copy and paste it from the registration reminder window which appears when you open the configuration menu in RaidenAdmin program.

After we get your COMPUTERNAME/MACHINE ID, we'll generate your license key immediatelly and e-mail it back to you.

Note: license key re-issuing is a free service, when you need a computer name change or lost your license key, just e-mail us and provide your order number and we will process it.

How to install the license key?

When you receive our registration key e-mail, you will find 4 attachment files as the followings

raiden.key (512 bytes)
raiden.s01 (256 bytes)
raiden.s02 (256 bytes)
*.zip (Your name or computername.zip)

Simply save the files into your RaidenHTTPD folder (usually c:\program files\raidenhttpd\), and restart your RaidenHTTPD service.

Common problems:

some email client would damage the raiden.* files for unknown reason, in this case
please extract the *.zip info your RaidenHTTPD folder, some other clients append .txt after the key files so it would not work, always make sure the filename and filesize are correct if your key does not work.

How to make sure it's registered?

After you restart the RaidenHTTPD service, put your mouse cursor on the RaidenAdmin icon, and you will see it's not shareware version anymore and that means you are regsitered.

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