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 CHECK !! : Understanding RaidenHTTPD's LOG format:

      RaidenHTTPD uses the W3C LOG format according to the industrial standard. The W3C LOG format is compatible with major log analyzer softwares on the market. With this LOG format, you can also export charts and statistical reports.

      The W3C LOG is a Common Logfile Format. The format is defined as the following:

remotehost rfc931 authuser [date] "request" status bytes

Remote hostname. (or IP address number if DNS hostname is not available or was not provided)

The remote login name of the user. (If not available a - is typically placed in the field)

The username as which the user has authenticated himself. This is available when using password protected WWW pages. (If not available a minus sign is typically placed in the field)

Date and time of the request.

The request line exactly as it came from the client. (i.e., the file name, and the method used to retrieve it [typically GET])

The HTTP response code returned to the client. Indicates whether or not the file was successfully retrieved, and if not, what error message was returned.

The number of bytes transferred.

      [date] is usually logged in local time, but if a GMT is written after the [date], then it means the date is in GMT format.

CHECK !! : Recommended log analyzers

      RaidenHTTPD has no built-in log analyzer yet, so we recommend you some other log analyzers as below for your further analysis on your log files.

 Webalizer *


 Web Trends

 Site Tracker (Japanese)



 Active LogView


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