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Project goal

Team Johnlong, the author of RaidenFTPD, is once again trying to challenge another mission impossible, a truly easy-to-use Web server software for Windows. We know that there are already great Web server softwares such as Apache and IIS, and who needs RaidenHTTPD? This is a good question and the answer is quite simple. Just when you think Apache and IIS are good enough, are they really flawless and can be relied on with? I guess every professional web master would really doubt about the flawlessness of the web server applications previously mentioned. Team Johnlong sees the question marks above these web masters' head and we, as a part of Team Johnlong, will try our best to make this little web server program to become the most ideal Web server software for everyone.

Developing environment

Based on the world-famous RaidenFTPD's high-performance kernel, we use Microsoft Visual c++ 7.0 to develope the RaidenHTTPD, and we also use the open source of OpenSSL and PHP external libraries.

Code Name : John-Shundi
Win32 Multithreading
Winsock API
PHP embedded

Test platforms

AMD Atholon 1200 512MB ram
Celeron 800 384 MB Ram (www.raidenhttpd.com)
Running on Windows 2000 & XP

System requirements
The most suitable operating system environments for running RaidenHTTPD are Windows 2000/XP/2003. If your computer is capable of running those operating systems, then you have got your way to go!


RAM: 128MB+
HDD: 4 GB+
CPU: Pentium MMX+


RAM: 512MB+
HDD: 80 GB+
CPU: Pentium 3/4 1GHZ+

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