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HTTP 404 error customization
CHECK !! : How to customize HTTP 404 error file not found web page?

HTTP 404 error customization

Every web surfer could possibly see this page before, the standard HTTP error 404, page not found:

HTTP 404 error

However in any professional web site, they often have a customized 404 error one like this: (sample site is Yahoo)

default http 404 page of yahoo.com

HTTP 404 error customization with RaidenHTTPD

It's very easy to implement customized HTTP 404 page not found page in RaidenHTTPD web server, just follow the tutorial below.

Requirement: RaidenHTTPD v2.0.12 or above

How to setup: No setup is required, the default HTTP 404 page not found page looks like this:

RaidenHTTPD 404 page

This page doesn't really look so bad comparing with the first default IE's page not found page, it is designed by RaidenHTTPD team, however it may not fit Your needs. Don't worry about this, because RaidenHTTPD not only allows You to customize the deafult 404 page, but also allows You to costomize 404 page for each virtual host on Your RaidenHTTPD.

Just edit the following pages to customize Your 404 not found pages.

Default 404 not found pages for all virtual hosts:


Default 404 not found pages for each virtual host:


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